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2-hour Jeep Tour

All tours are private and can be tailor-made to your exact requirements to allow to experience the real life of Wadi Rum and get to know the Bedouin culture and tradition.   



Departure Time: Any time in the morning or afternoon

Meeting point: Wadi Rum Visitor Center

Duration: about 2-hour tour plus lunch time


Tour 1

  • The Seven Pillars of Wisdom

  • Al-Hasany Dunes

  • Khaz'ali Siq

  • The Martian filming location

  • Lawrence's Spring

  • Small bridge


Tour 2

  • Anfishieh Inscriptions

  • The Martian filming location

  • Al Barah Mountain

  • Rada Al Bida

  • Burdah Rock Bridge



  • Al Barah Mountain

  • Rada Al Bida

  • Burdah Rock Bridge





  • Learn how to cook a traditional Bedouin meal

  • Experience local flora and fauna 

  • Enjoy the storytelling about Bedouin life and tradition, such as the history, religion, customs and character, weddings and dating, family and children, men and women, pastoralism and traditional medicine

  • hiking/scrambling



Things to bring


  • Hiking shoes or sneakers

  • Comfortable clothes

  • Sunscreen and a hat

  • Scarf 





  • English speaker guide

  • Transfer from the Visitor Center to the desert and back

  • Jeep tour

  • Mineral bottled water, Bedouin tea, and coffee

  • Activities





  • 1 person  30 JD

  • 2 people  20 JD /person 

  • 4 people  15 JD /person

  • 6 people  8 JD /person

  • Overnight stay and dinner (bivouac camping or private camp): add 15 JD /person   

  • children under the age of 3 are free of charge

  • children under the age of 8 get 50% of discount

  • children under the age of 13 get 25% of discount

  • prices for more than 6 people are available on request



Camel Tour Extension


You can extend this tour with a 1- or 2-hour camel ride at the beginning or end of this tour.

  • 1 person 1-hour camel ride 15 JD /person 

  • 2 people 1-hour camel ride 10 JD /person

  • 1 person 2-hour camel ride 25 JD /person 

  • 2 people 2-hour camel ride 20 JD /person

  • prices for more than 2-hour camel ride are available on request






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