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About Me

Hello, my name is Ali, a native Bedouin from the Al Zawaideh tribe. I was born, raised and live in Wadi Rum with my family.

I've been working as a tour guide for more than ten years. My father passed down to me the love for this job: meeting curious souls and helping them to experience the deep essence of my territory. 

I always believed that the desert and Bedouin culture are intrinsically connected and belong to the same story.

With this vision, I founded "Wadi Rum the Second Time", a unique way to experience the desert while promoting the local culture and preserving the environment.


My tours are for everyone. You don't need to be an adventurer or a backpacker, you just need to be curious enough. 

You will enjoy and discover what makes Wadi Rum a unique place on earth and you will feel like a real Bedouin at the end of the tour.

Come with me and enjoy a different off-the-beaten path!


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Bedouins Wadi Rum
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