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Starry nigths

There's something unique, mesmerizing and primordial about sleeping out in the desert under the stars. Maybe it's that sudden moment of realization that we are just a grain of sand relative to the cosmos. Or maybe it's merely the feeling of the desert coming alive, as we hear the songbirds at dawn.  

Stargazing by night, exploring by day

After a day spent exploring the desert, from the ancient Thamudic petroglyphs, to the awe-inspiring jutting rock formation of Jebel Ram, you can enjoy a cup of tea and marvel at the way the land changes colour as the sun begins to set.

Then, when the sun has disappeared completely and the swathe of darkness and silence envelopes the surroundings, we drive to our campsite and we cook a traditional Bedouin meal on the fire.

You will learn the art of Bedouin firemaking from collecting the right wood to how to create and keep fire. 

Later, we will talk about the stars and you can try to navigate by looking at the sky. Bedouins finely adapted their lifestyles to the harsh conditions of the desert. The first and most important survival skill was to avoid the heat of the day. For this reason, travel was often conducted at night, using the stars as significant landmarks for navigation. 

Sunset in Wadi Rum
Firemking in Wadi Rum

Depending on your mood, you can choose to sleep in a private 2-people Bedouin tent (with bed and mattress) or in a sleeping bag under millions of outback stars (bivouac camping). It is also available a private camp in the middle of the desert with all the facilities and western restrooms (inside or outside the tent).   


Like our hunting and gathering ancestors, you will sit around the fire, listening to stories, singing old songs, expanding your imagination, and let yourself stare mesmerized into the shimmering flames. 


As the campfire begins to simmer down for the night, the stars shine brighter. And so, set to the soundtrack of rustling nature and the gentle breathing of the wind, you can marvel at the incredible display of nature that characterises this enchanting desert. 


Private camp for the overnight accomodation

Wadi Rum by night
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